Monday, July 19, 2010


Disclaimer: For those of you that think Miss Barbie sets a wonderful example for young probably won't like what I have to say.

Since 1959 Barbie has been strutting her stuff in beautiful sparkly outfits, done up with way too much make up and some impossible-to-pull-off-in-real-life hairstyles. (I am going to refrain from making any negative comments regarding her extremely unhealthy and disproportionate body, although I would love to share those thoughts with you someday!)

Barbie has made it hard for other companies to compete with Matell...I mean, really...who can compete with Barbie! She is always beautiful and can do everything! She has had a variety of different jobs such as; swim teacher, dentist, model instructor, paratrooper, firefighter, McDonald's cashier, astronaut, chef, cowgirl, President of the United States, and of course...a Princess.

And case you were wondering, Matell has brought back an infamous model of the much loved Barbie! Yep, that's right guys...Black Barbie! (That's really her name...I'm not making this crap up!) She comes complete with a black curly Afro, lots of large jewelry and even a pick to keep her fro intact! Check her out:

Really?????? I was shocked! Black Barbie! What the heck...they couldn't even give her a name!? Veneshia...Thaiquasia...Shaniqua. Something! Geez! What are these companies thinking? Maybe they aren't...I don't know. Just totally took me by surprise!

Anyways, there is my rant for the day! I'm still waiting for them to more versions of the anorexic Barbie....hahaha!

[The above photo is a joke and does not actually reflect the Matell toy company]

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